RIO2017 Presentations

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title Presentation Link
Adel Ali Eldine Management of Cataract in patients with Retinoblastoma PDF
Ahmed Abdel-Wahab When the cornea loses its virginity: which IOL power will Fit? PDF
Ahmed Abo El Enin Phacomorphic Glaucoma PDF
Ahmed Elmasry Cataract in Keratoconus PDF
Ahmed Ghoneim Managing Severely Subluxated Lenses during Phaco PDF
Alaa Elzawawy Cataract Post RK PDF
Ashraf Shaarawy Cataract in PDR, Tips & Tricks PDF
Ayman Khattab Aphakic and Psuedophakic Retinal Detachment PDF
Ayman Shouman FLACS + 27G Vitrectomy, Perfect Combination PDF
Bahaa Abdala Management of Intraocular Surprises in Cataract Surgery PDF
Dalia Galal Management of Traumatic Cataract and Aniridia Lenses PDF
Dalia Samir Cataract Surgery, What type of Anesthesia? PDF
Francisco Carones The Role of Refractive Lens Exchange PDF
Francisco Carones Is FLACS the Golden Standard Today? PDF
Francisco Carones Residual Astigmatism: Threshold and Patient Satisfaction with Bifocal, Trifocal and EDOF IOLs PDF
Francisco Carones Magnitude and Axis of Residual Astigmatism Evaluation After Toric IOL Implant Using Three Different Surgical Approaches For Cataract Surgery PDF
Francisco Carones Trifocal IOLs PDF
Harminder Dua Cataract Surgery in Uveitis PDF
Harminder Dua Cataract in Different Keratoplasty Techniques PDF
Harminder Dua Cataract Surgery and the Ocular Surface PDF
Haytham El Shawaf Cataract extraction and iridoplasty PDF
Ihab Saad Complicated cataract to Intraocular Tumors, Beware of the Unexpected. PDF
Karim Elsawah Management of lens Subluxation PDF
Khalid Mansour FLACS, Why Am I Reluctant? PDF
Mohamed Bahgat Difficult and Complicated Cases of Triple PKP, DALK and DMEK PDF
Mohamed Hosny Post Cataract Refractive Surprises PDF
Mohamed Hussein Phacoemulsification In Diabetic Patients PDF
Mostafa Salah Cataract in High Myopia PDF
Nabil Ragaei kamel Surgical Complications in Femtophaco with Toric Trifocal IOL PDF
Nabil Ragaei kamel Personalizing Trifocal IOLs PDF
Nabil Ragaei kamel Femtophaco without Phaco PDF
Osama Naharawi FLACS, Where are we now? PDF
Remon Atef Suprachoroidal Hemorrhage during Phacoemulsification…Case Report PDF
Sameh Galal Evaluation of Artisan Aphakic Intraocular Lens in Case of Pediatric Aphakia with Insufficient Capsular Support PDF
Sherif Karawya RIO President Welcome Speech PDF
Tamer Raggal Phacorefractive surgery and dry eye PDF
Tarek Katamish Triple Phaco DMEK PDF
Tarek Maamon Saving the sinking ship PDF
Yehia Salah Dealing with the Capsule PDF