RIO2018 Presentations

PresentingDoctor PresentationTitle
Abdallah Hassouna A closer look at EDOF IOLs for presbyopic correction PDF
Ahmed El Karmouty Management of hypotony post glaucoma surgeries PDF
Ahmed El Karmouty Baerveldt Tube in nanophthalmos and management of complications PDF
Ahmed El Karmouty Challenges of putting a shunt in pediatric glaucoma PDF
Ahmed El Karmouty Ahmed Vs Baerveldt tube 5 Years Outcome PDF
Ahmed El Masry YAG laser vitreolysis PDF
Ahmed Ghoniem Stripping technique: A new method for Turbo Femto Smile PDF
Ahmed Khalil ACG management; tucked between lens and aqueous flow surgeries PDF
Ahmed Samir Augmentation of filtration during visco-canalostomy by implantation of express shunt PDF
Akmal Rizk Lateral rectus transposition in management of total 3rd nerve paralysis PDF
Alicia Valverde Angio OCT: advantages and pitfalls PDF
Alicia Valverde Age related macular degeneration; new treatments PDF
Alicia Valverde The use of laser in DME: where are we? PDF
Amr Aref Abinterno canaloplasty PDF
Amr Samra Prospects of posterior polar cataract PDF
Bradford Lee Ablative fractional laser resurfacing for cicatricial ectropion PDF
Bradford Lee Intra-lesional non-image guided Bleomycin sclera-therapy for orbital lymphangiomas PDF
Bradford Lee Thyroid eye disease: updates in medical and surgical management PDF
Bradford Lee Improving your upper blepharoplasty technique PDF
Bradford Lee New concepts in lower lid blepharoplasty: fat reduction, re-draping, or augmentation PDF
Bradford Lee Periocular rejuvention with botulinum toxin and dermal fillers PDF
Dina Baddar ANTI – VEGFs in treatment of diabetic retinopathy PDF
Fco. Javier Hurtado IMP (Intelligence multifocal procedure). Two years follow-up with the first auditable protocol in cataract surgery. PDF
Fco. Javier Hurtado New trends in the treatment of ocular surface PDF
Fco. Javier Hurtado Videooculography in strabismus surgery PDF
Fco. Javier Hurtado A new approach to accommodative endotropia PDF
Fco. Javier Hurtado New treatments in controlling the progression of myopia PDF
Fernando Faria Correia Scheimpflug-based lens densitometry to assess age-related nuclear cataract PDF
Fernando Faria Correia Evaluation of the dysfunctional lens syndrome with Scheimpflug imaging and ray tracing wavefront analysis PDF
Fernando Faria Correia Intracorneal ring segments implantation update PDF
Fernando Faria Correia Enhanced screening for laser vision correction PDF
Fernando Faria Correia Contoura Vision correction for myopia and myopic astigmatism PDF
Francesco Carones Comprehensive ocular surface workup in patients with meibomian gland dysfunction treated with Intense regulated pulsed light PDF
Francesco Carones Recent advances in the management and treatment of dry eye diseases PDF
Francesco Carones What happened to the corneas treated 20 years ago by PRK and LASIK? PDF
Francesco Carones Aberrometry and MFIOLs, what we can learn PDF
Francesco Carones Update on presbyopic correcting IOLs PDF
Karim Raafat Biomarker in OCT scans in DME PDF
Khaled Abdel Rahman How to deal with posterior capsule PDF
Khaled Fawzi Opposite incision to avoid dropped nucleus PDF
Mahmoud Afifi FLACS: my indications PDF
Mahmoud Ismail Endothelial implantation or replication.. Which is the future? PDF
Mahmoud Rageh Early onset esotropia, personal view PDF
Mohamed Adel Orchidia comprehensive portfolio for glaucoma management PDF
Mohamed Shafik Updated protocol to provide best vision after CXL in keratoconus PDF
Mostafa Salah SBK, a procedure for present and future PDF
Nabil Ragaei Refractive surgery for keratoconus, safety and stability PDF
Nabil Ragaei Morphological changes in the macula after cataract surgery with multifocal IOLs PDF
Nabil Ragaei ADD on IOL, a reliable tool in modern cataract surgery PDF
Nabil Ragaei Stress less glued IOL PDF
Nader Bayoumi Errors and mishaps in pediatric glaucoma surgery PDF
Nihal Hassan When to give up intravitreal injections PDF
Osama Elnahrawy Innovations in Eximer laser and Femto-laser machines PDF
Rafael I. Barraquer Large diameter keratoplasty PDF
Rafael I. Barraquer Corneal transplant for keratoconus: current option and controversies PDF
Rafael I. Barraquer Intra-corneal rings for keratoconus: clues for success PDF
Rafael I. Barraquer Topographic patterns of ectasia and intracorneal ring implantation modalities: indications and results PDF
Rafael I. Barraquer The future and new concepts in intraocular lenses for presbyopia PDF
Rafael I. Barraquer Large diameter reconstructive sclero – keratoplasty for bilateral Post-Mooren anterior staphylomata PDF
Rafael I. Barraquer Megalocornea and IOL fixation issues, phakic and aphakic PDF
Tarek Eid Updates in glaucoma management cascade PDF
Tarek ElNagar Updates in cross linking PDF
Yehia Salah DALK and phaco, a nice couple PDF