RIO2019 Presentations

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title Presentation Link
Adel Alei El Din Artisan lens in pediatric cataract PDF
Ahmed El Massry Combined ICRS & CXL in moderate KC PDF
Ahmed Khalil Cataract and glaucoma, the no single solution PDF
Alaa El Danasoury Posterior Chamber phakic IOL for myopia below -5.0 D PDF
Alaa El Danasoury Long-term Corneal Endothelial Safety After Iris-Fixated Phakic IOL Implantation in Myopic Eyes PDF
Alaa El Danasoury Trifocal IOLs, 6 months clinical results PDF
Alaa El Danasoury Combined Placido imaging with anterior segment OCT; a new look to the anterior segment PDF
Alfonso Arias ICL for high myopia: Long-term results and complications PDF
Alfonso Arias Surgical correction of extreme post-surgical astigmatism PDF
Alfonso Arias Premium complication in Premium surgery with Toric Trifocal IOL PDF
Ayman Abd El Rahman FemtoSMILE: management of intraoperative difficulties & complications PDF
Ayman Nasr Astigmatic keratotomy with PRK for mixed astigmatism correction PDF
Bahaa Abdallah Hassan Combined phaco-vitrectomy: Who and why? PDF
Dalia Samir Ophthalmic local anesthesia: Management of difficult cases PDF
Dina Baddar Ocular surface disease: Never too scared to operate PDF
Fathy Fawzy Is successful in-bag implantation a lifelong solution to cataract? PDF
Karim Rizk Cataract and diabetes: Surgical options PDF
Mahmoud Afifi IOL Injectors mishappening PDF
Mahmoud Ismail Q value for aspheric ablation PDF
Mohamed El Sada Congenital cataract: Problems and solutions PDF
Mohamed Shafik WF guided redo: Addressing the problem PDF
Mohamed Shafik KC Management: What’s new in 2019? PDF
Mostafa Nabih IOLs in the eyes of vitreo-retinal surgeon PDF
Mostafa Salah Flaps re-lift: Why, When & How? PDF
Mostafa Salah ICL explantation : why and how PDF
Nabil Ragai Eye light; a further step in the treatment of dry eye: improving the quality of vision in refractive surgery PDF
Nabil Ragai Actualizing and understanding EDoF IOLs PDF
Nabil Ragai EDoF IOL “AT LARA” VS Trifocal IOL “AT LISA TRI“ PDF
Nabil Ragai Sulcoflex Duet: An adjustable solution for the correction of presbyopia PDF
Nader Fawzy Femto Laser Ring Cut Enhancement PDF
Salah Mahjoub Post Lasik Ectasia: what do you need to know PDF
Salah Mahjoub Cross linking in children PDF
Salah Mahjoub Artisan in extreme myopia > -20 D: long term outcome PDF
Salah Mahjoub Subluxated bag, ring & lens PDF
Salah Mahjoub Optimizing Femto flap parameters PDF
Salah Mahjoub Combined DALK and phaco PDF
Salah Mahjoub Femto assisted DALK in Keratoconus PDF
Salah Mahjoub Digital versus manual marking for toric IOLs PDF
Sameh El Agha Double CTS insertion in a case of subluxation secondary to microspherophakia PDF
Sameh El Agha CXL for Keratoconus in thin corneas PDF
Sameh Galal Refractive surgery in children PDF
Tarek El-Naggar Post-SMILE Ectesia: The unwritten chapter. PDF
Tarek Katamish Triple Phaco -DMEK PDF
Theo Seiler Additive hyperopia correction to improve satisfaction after trifocal IOL implantation PDF
Theo Seiler Selective wavefront guided Lasik PDF
Theo Seiler CXL: Long Term Follow up and Updates PDF
Theo Seiler Customized CXL: 3 year results PDF
Vladimir Pfeifer Pediatric cataract surgery PDF
Vladimir Pfeifer Artificial iris and IOL Implantation in Ocular Trauma PDF
Waleed Al-Tuwairqi Combined PRK and CXL in the treatment of KC PDF
Waleed Al-Tuwairqi Combined Lasik & Small Aperture Inlay Procedure PDF
Yehia Salah Hiding cortical fragments PDF