RIO2020 Presentations

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title Presentation Link
Abeer Samir Counteracting the consequences of phantom eye syndrome following eye removal PDF
Ahmed Atef Triple DALK PDF
Bassem Morshed Evisceration with preservation of the cornea PDF
Dalia Said Corneal haze and scarring post CXL PDF
Dalia Said Lost DSEK PDF
Dalia Said Acute Management of chemical burn PDF
Ernesto Delgado The different technologies and protocols in stem cells from laboratory to implantation PDF
Ernesto Delgado Chronic pain management in ophthalmology PDF
Farhad Hafezi Why trans PRK is better than LASIK and SMILE PDF
Farhad Hafezi Sub 400: CXL treatment for thin corneas PDF
Fayek Ghaleb Ex vivo expansion of limbal stem cells  (RIO experience) PDF
Harminder Dua Hot grafts for infective keratitis PDF
Khalid Samir Chase your passion PDF
Mario Nubile Femto second laser stromal lenticule addition keratoplasty for KC PDF
Mario Nubile Multilayer aminiotic membrane for corneal perforation under local anesthesia PDF
Mario Nubile Femtosecond Laser assisted Keratoplasty PDF
Mark Ananian Single pass ultrathin DSAEK PDF
Michael Schittkowski Lower lid elevation w tarsal spacer for lower eyelid retraction in Graves disease PDF
Mohamed Bahgat Type 2 big bubble: A friend or foe PDF
Mohamed Ghallab Health system Transformation under Universal Health Insurance PDF
Omar Abd Elghany Radiofrequency versus traditional upper lid blepharoplasty PDF
Rania El Essawy A rare presentation of neurofibromatosis PDF
Rasha Fahmi Healthcare Financing Reforming PDF
Sameh El Agha DSAEK with IOL exchange PDF
Samer Hamada Pediatric Keratoplasty PDF
Sherif Hosny Ex vivo expanded corneal limbal stem cells in management of corneal burns PDF
Tarek Elnaggar Post laser vision correction ectasia PDF
Tarek Katamish MY 10 DMEK tips PDF
Tarek Katamish Phaco emulsification through the tough Dua’s Layer during BB DALK: A thrilling experience PDF